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Halal Grill provide its service in fast casual settings where we offer both counter service as well as table service. Yes, Our delicious choices and diverse cuisines will be pleasing to most of your taste buds. You can Order Online and save both time and hassles. Our online order provides customers  with option to Order for Pick-up (ASAP,Later), Order for Delivery (ASAP,Later) and Order from the Table. You can simply order from the table providing your table  number and food will be arrived fresh and warm while you are relaxing with your smartphone commenting on your friend’s post in facebook or enjoying some soft Bollywood music video in our TV.


Check to see if we provide DELIVERY to your address. Free delivery is provided for order amount of $20 and above and order amount less than $20 will be charged delivery fee of $3. We also provide Curbside-Pickup service where you will will receive a link in text message after you complete your online order and your meal is ready to be picked-up. You just click the link while you are about to pull in our front curbside and your meal will be brought to your driver-side window. No wait, No hassles, Just stay in your car.


You may like more than one item in our MENU, but Relax, you may save them for your next order. We honor our customers loyalty with our loyalty rewards program in place where you get reward points for every dollar your spend in store or online. With offer of Sign Up bonus of 200 points, it won’t take longer before you will redeem your points for free meal. You can check your rewards point any time in the REWARDS dashboard, when you click REWARDS widget in middle-right edge of our website page.


We will keep on posting free offers in REWARDS dashboard for our customers to earn  extra reward points such as points for sharing in social sites , points for referrals, points for answering quizzes,etc. Stay tuned at your rewards dashboard in our website. Also, when our customers enrolled to receive text message for coupons, deals, offers and daily specials in our top-left of subscription form in our home page, we will instantly reward with promo code of 15% off in first order that will be valid for two weeks from the date of issue. Taste and Rewards come together at Halal Grill. We make our customers feel special more than one ways.

In Arabic, the word “halal” means permissible.  Halal meat ensures animal is healthy and alive before slaughtered, bear minimal or no pain while being slaughtered and ensures that all the blood is drained which prevents most of the toxins and microbial growth from the meat. Food hygiene is the number one priority for halal food lovers and equally they find taste to its superior level than non-halal.


We believe in good food. We define good food as delicious,healthy and affordable. Our definition of delicious food is cuisine that has aesthetic appeal and savory to taste buds, where as healthy food is high quality food  with priority in health and well being of  our customers and affordable is something where people of all income levels are able to afford. Halal Grill is all about sticking to core values and our vision of serving delicious,healthy and affordable food. Our core values make us who we are. As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us stay the same.


If you have any concerns, questions and complaints, you can send us an email to, call (682) 321-7192 or text at (682) 888-1323 during business hours.