Our Story

Located in south Arlington near Parks Mall, Halal Grill serve delicious Indian and Mediterranean dishes  where we offer both counter service and table service. If you want to dine in for best Indian and Mediterranean dishes in Arlington or want to have some takeout on the way home from work, then Halal Grill is place to stop by. We have extremely delicious menu choices that range from very spicy to zero-spice level and also we will craft its spice level based on your personal choice.

 In Arabic, the word “halal” means permissible. Yes, Halal Grill serves halal food only. You can Order Online and save both time and hassles. Our simple and highly secured online order system provides our guests  with option to Order for Pick-up (ASAP,Later), Order for Delivery (ASAP,Later) and Order from the Table. You can simply order from the table providing your table  number and food will be arrived fresh and warm. You can Check Delivery Availability at your address before you make delivery request. Free delivery is provided for order amount of $20 and above and order amount less than $20 will be charged delivery fee of $3. We also provide Curbside-Pickup service, which is Grab and Go from Curbside. No wait, No hassles, Just stay at your car.

If you have any concerns, questions and complaints, you can send us an email to info@halalgrill.net, call (682) 321-7192 or text at (682) 888-1323 during business hours.